nautical toilet paper holder

Nautical Toilet Paper Holders You Can Buy on Amazon

Something about being near the sea always seems to give my digestive system a slight boost. Could it be the fresh salty air? Whales leaping above giant rocks to free themselves? Or is it the calming sounds that seagulls make when they’ve found some rotting beached creatures to eat? They all may play a role, but I believe the biggest jolt that gets me moving are the fun nautical toilet paper holders that present themselves at a well decorated beach house. I wish I could live near the see year round, but I can’t. I just CAN’T OK. However, I can keep part of the sea in my home bathroom with a beautiful nautical themed toilet paper holder. We at Toilet Paper Reviews compiled our favorite nautical toilet paper holders that you can buy, right now, from Amazon!

The Kraken Octopus Nautical Toilet Paper Holder


nautical toilet paper holderBuy the Kraken for $26.52

There are few things that signify the open seas like a kraken. Why not put one in your bathroom, holding your favorite brand of toilet paper? This beautiful, bronze octopus only needs two of his eight limbs to serve his purpose. Maybe you can put some fun trinkets on the other six? This nautical toilet paper holder is best suited for a more masculine bathroom, or one that has darker tones.


Bronze Cast Iron Mermaid Toilet Paper Holder

nautical toilet paper holder

Buy the Mermaid for $15.98

More subtle than a giant kraken holding your toilet paper is this cast iron mermaid. This is a fun little nautical toilet paper holder that may hide in plain sight next to your potty. One of your guests is sure to do a double take when they use your bathroom and say, “is that a mermaid holding the toilet paper? Oh, that is just so much fun!”. There are several different mermaid options, but this is the best reviewed one.

Fisherman’s Wooden Reel

Buy the reel for $23.99

The fisherman’s wooden reel is one of the more unique toilet paper holders you’ll find in general. Not only does it look neat, you can crank the wheel to shoot out your toilet paper! You can pretend that you’re a fisherman on the high seas reeling in a shark, but instead of a shark you’re reeling in a tool for cleanliness. Some reviews do suggest that it isn’t very durable, so just make sure that you reel with caution.

Rustic Trout Toilet Paper Holder

 Buy it for $31.52

This trout toilet paper holder is less nautical, and more rustic. This is probably better suited for a dilapidated cabin in a struggling mountain town. It is unique however, and as an added benefit you can pee inside of its mouth instead of the toilet.


Starfish Nautical Toilet Tissue Holder

Buy it for $14.05

The starfish toilet tissue holder is the safe bet on the list. If you enjoy a lighter aesthetic in your restroom, and love starfish, this is a great toilet paper holder for you. It also happens to have a large amount of reviews, and gets the all so important “amazon’s choice” label.

Boat Anchor Nautical Toilet Paper Holder

Buy it For $26.92

The boat anchor toilet paper holder is a great option for a nautical bathroom. You can tell yourself “anchors down” as you settle in to do your business; it’s a metaphor you see. The product listing specifically advertises the ability for this toilet paper holder to hold a double roll, so not only does it look great, it has a high volume capability.


Turtle and Fish Toilet Paper and Towel Holder Combo

Buy it For $25.98

The last item on our list is a lovably tacky two for one combo. Not only do you get a toilet paper holder, but you also get a towel holder! This is a great option if you want to add a bit of color to your bathroom, and have the ability to add multiple nautical elements to your decor.

And there you have it, our favorite nautical toilet paper holders that we found on Amazon. There are certainly more, but these are the best, because we said so. If you’d like to see more, click here to see a complete list of what you can find on Amazon.

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