White Cloud Ultra 3-ply Review

Beware the 3-ply sheet! White Cloud Ultra is a 3-ply mess.  While you do have the ability to properly wipe with this toilet paper, there is no excuse for having to flush a toilet five, even six, times for one sitting, and that is just what happens when using White Cloud Ultra.

The sheets are intended to dissolve faster than most, allowing each roll to be processed easily by the septic unit as well as increasing flushability.  However, what ends up happening instead is a torn mess of paper in your hand and a pile of paper in the toilet as you desperately attempt to get the last clinging amount of excrement that just simply will not take to the paper.  This begins a never ending journey to clean yourself while quickly clogging your tank.

White Cloud Ultra 3-ply is a fancy looking toilet paper that I’m sure has many uses, but using it for your tender bottom is simply not one of them. Keep with the 2-ply or lower types and live your bathroom life with less stress.

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