ology toilet paper review

Ology Toilet Paper Review

Ology toilet paper is a new breed of bath tissue that is fresh on the market available at, and manufactured by, Walgreens. It’s an interesting purchase as it is marketed to those that like to make smart environmental choices, because you know, when you’re cleaning your backside the day after you had a spicy thai dish for dinner, that is the first thing on your mind.

What makes Ology toilet paper environmentally friendly? Because it is made from Sugarcane husk and bamboo of course! That’s right, Ology toilet paper is 100% tree free. Pick your jaws of the ground and prepare to drop them again, because it’s also septic safe and biodegradable. So for all you people that don’t pour your spare motor oil in your background and clean out your car on the side of the road, ology toilet paper is for you.

Once the novelty of saving the world while sanitizing yourself wears off, you unfortunately begin to realize that sugarcane husk and bamboo aren’t necessarily the best material for eliminating unwanted residue. Don’t get me wrong, my relationship with Ology toilet paper started off on the right foot. For starters, a single roll can be purchased for just $0.99. That is enough to temporarily tickle anyones fancy. The sensation when using it is remarkably warm, something only sugarcane husk and bamboo can apparently provide. Further more, the dotted texture is unique (like cute little dimples!), and it does have an unusual, but nice feel to it.

However, after a few trials with Ology toilet paper, I knew it just wouldn’t make it’s way back into my restroom unless I was in a pinch. Some of those previously discussed Thai meals made it in and out of my system, and ology just couldn’t get the job done in a quick and efficient manner. This unfortunate turn of events kept cropping up as my diet hit what some would label as an unhealthy streak, and I knew that I needed a friend that would be there through thick, not just thin.

Ology toilet paper isn’t a bad, and if you are an environmental freak than it could just be for you. But if you’re the type of person that dumps spare motor oil next to your crop of weeds in your unkept backyard, and mixes in Thai and mexican food into your diet on the reg, I would keep walking down the aisle when passing Ology at Walgreens.

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