one wipe charlies review

One Wipe Charlies Review

What is it about wet wipes that keep people from making them their preferred choice of personal rear end hygiene?  In this One Wipe Charlies review you’ll learn that it feels better, cleans smoother, and makes you feel much fresher. What makes more sense; crumpling up a ball of paper and jamming it up your butt, or gently gliding a soft cool substance that has build in anti bacterial ingredients to help kill the enemy? Unfortunately, wet wipes seem to have the perception of a product only for chubby newborn babies, or dainty pretentious divas. They just aren’t manly. Well I’ve got news for you closet wet wipe wanters, One Wipe Charlies are set out to change all that.

One Wipe Charlies are touted as “the civilized way to wipe”. A product of The Dollar Shave club, One Wipe Charlies is probably the only toilet paper to have a video promoting the product with a plethora of thinly veiled poo analogies. Unfortunately they took the video down. IDK why, but it makes me sad.

Naturally, I was just as curious as any other heavy drinking male with a moderately poor diet would be. Its made with Aloe Vera and Chamomile for heavens sake! So does One Wipe Charlies live up to its name? Yes, and no.

Lets start with the positives. It feels cool to the touch, and glides up and down effortlessly like a 14 year old figure skater from the Ukraine. I felt refreshed, and I carried a heavenly scent away with me that surely turned the heads of many as I walked down the street with a satisfied smirk painted on my face.

The negatives? The squares are too small, and the material is too thin. “One Wipe Charlies” may be one of the larger misnomer a product name has ever had. I would never, and I mean NEVER, be comfortable going into a routine cleansing situation with just one of these squares. One slight mis-wipe, and you’ve got a serious case of poo fingers.

However, this negative does not mean the product is a lost cause. A great solution is to use your normal toilet paper go to start the game, and then bring in One Wipe Charlies as your closer. Think about it as the dessert of toilet paper. Have a steak, a potato, but then finish it off with your One Wipe Charlie. Your sweet tooth will be satisfied, and your palette will be sufficiently cleansed. And at just $4 dollars a pack, that’s quite a fair price for a little dessert.


Rolled Up Review

Visual Appeal

3.5 Stars

Summary: The dessert of toilet paper

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