scott extra soft review

Scott Extra Soft Review

Every once in a while, you come across something that just fits, and you know that it will be a part of your existence forever. Perhaps it’s a new Italian dish that you taste for the first time, offering a tantalizing sensation that you’ve never experienced before. Maybe it’s your soulmate that you lock eyes with across a crowded room, and you just know that they will spent many long walks with you on various sandy beaches. And maybe, just maybe, it’s a toilet paper that glides across your rump for the very first time, and you know that you’ve found a trusted friend for the rest of your life.

Scott extra soft is the soulmate of this reviewers rump. As Scott extra soft moves up and down, you feel as if you’ve died and went to Heaven, and then died in Heaven and went to another Heaven. The experience leaves you feeling clean, refreshed, and satisfied from an experience that was quick, easy, and completely painless.

The dual textured sheets contain ripples that gravitate up and down this exquisite product, and are coupled with a diamond shaped print that contains wonder and eternal glory. Scott extra soft describes these sheets as “The Complete Solution”; soft, strong, and absorbent. This isn’t a marketing gimmick folks, the complete solution this truly is.

This amazing experience is surprisingly the product of a one ply paper. It just goes to show you what the ingenious of human engineering can produce when put to task. In addition, four double rolls of Scott Extra Soft will only set you back $5 or less from your local grocery store. So fret not, the soulmate of your rump will not take you for all your worth.

Are there better toilet papers than Scott Extra Soft out there? It’s quite possible, as everyone has their specific tastes in food, human soulmates, and toilet paper soulmates. But for this reviewer, the long search is finally over.

Rolled Up Review

Visual Appeal

5 Stars

Summary : The soulmate of my rump.

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