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Kirkland Toilet Paper Review

The Kirkland brand has been providing the public with reliable consumer products for over twenty years, allowing us to purchase everything from cookies, t-shirts, jeans and soda pop under the same familiar brand name. Few other brands can bestow upon the public a $2 white t-shirt option that is fashionable, durable, and smells nice. Not only does Kirkland find new and inventive ways to dress us, they are constantly finding ways to keep our bottoms clean at an affordable price. This Kirkland toilet paper review comes from a place of un-flashy reliability, the same feeling many of their other products may bestow upon you.

This Kirkland Bath Tissue contains two layers of softness and absorption, in a nice thick roll that should last you seven to fifteen crusades to your restroom (depending on your diet and desired cleanliness). The biggest asset found from this Kirkland toilet paper review is undoubtedly its strength; you could hold out a few strips in your hands and dump a dozen marbles on the stretched out tissue before even a slight rip starts to form. For those who need a significant amount of muscle, Kirkland Toilet Paper is the brand for you.

Despite containing two layers of absorption, this toilet paper is surprisingly mediocre at sucking away the residue from your rear. You’ll need multiple swipes per round to remove a comfortable level of matter before moving on to the next handful. Luckily, the amount of product you get in each roll makes up for the lack of absorption. Just don’t get caught with only a few remaining squares, or you’ll be visiting the shower shortly after your wee little potty break.

As you may have guessed, Kirkland toilet paper comes at quite the bargain; just $5 dollars will get you a six pack that should last you some time. If you’re already rocking the $2 white Kirkland T-Shirts, and chasing your Kirkland cookies with Kirkland brown soda, you might as well keep yourself clean with Kirkland Bath Tissue as well. 

Do yourself a favor, and get some of the best toilet paper out there with Kirkland toilet paper.

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4 stars

Clothes, cookies and Toilet Paper. Kirkland continues to deliver.

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