cottonelle ultra soft review

Cottonelle Ultra Soft Review

When your rump is as sensitive as a dandelion, you need something as soft and cushiony as a cloud. Cottonelle Ultra Soft bath tissue represents just what is on the front- a soft, snuggly puppy ready to nuzzle your behind into cleanliness.

Holding a roll of this heavenly toilet paper between your finger tips is like massaging the back of an angel. While firm as memory foam, the outer layer is as powdery soft and forgiving as pure, imported afghan silk. In fact, while the manufacturing intricacies may be top secret, I wouldn’t be surprised if you told me this toilet paper was spun from wool of baby lambs on a magical spring day.

In addition to the softness of a mermaids sweet song, the design of this product is exquisite. While most toilet paper designs look like a table cloth that would be worthy of your grandmothers sun room, Cottonelle Ultra Soft has a classy, simple design of straight vertical lines. No frills or flower prints here, just the perfect, modern look for the perfect, modern home.  For those who don’t want their new Ikea toothbrush holder to be upstaged by the toilet paper, this is the right pick for you.

Now, I bet your wondering how this toilet paper fulfilled it’s utilitarian purpose, and wonder you should. I will be the first to say, if you’re a BBQ and burgers eating type of person, this may not be the perfect pick for you. While strong and firm, it does have its limits. It’s science. But if you eat a sensible diet of fruit, granola, and only lean cut meats, this toilet paper will do everything you need it to do.  Similarly, if you are a male who usually keeps industrial strength toilet paper around for industrial strength jobs, then you may want to keep a roll of this stashed in the cupboard for special occasions, as this lady will surely be impressed.

So, I can’t speak for everyone, as everyone’s needs may differ from my own, but I can say that if style and comfort are important traits in your toilet paper, then give in to the sweet nothings you’ll hear whispered from this package of pure magic and joy.

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Visual Appeal

4 Stars

Summary : Firm as memory foam, and as forgiving as pure afghan silk.

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