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Cottonelle Clean Care Review with Soft Ripples

Clean Care with Soft Ripples from Cottonelle has become a favorite of mine, and a regular visitor in my home bathroom. While it’s only a 1-ply toilet paper, it delivers the durability and effectiveness that is usually only seen when investing in a 2-ply product, which is what makes this cottonelle clean care review so impressive. Not the most visually appealing toilet paper in stores today, but it always seems to get the job done in a quick and efficient manner. Don’t expect to have to use half a roll in your darkest of hours; a little Clean Care goes a long way!

What sets Cottonelle Clean Care apart from it’s competitors is the vertical ripples that cascade throughout the toilet paper. This enables for an optimal cleaning experience, as the ripples seemingly do the majority of the work for you. The major drawback with the vertical ripples are the visual appeal; while they automatically become the ugly duckling of your toiletries, they also don’t simply offer the beautification enhancements that a nice floral print can bring to your bathroom.

Cottonelle Clean Care has also found a nice mix of durability and comfort with it’s toilet paper. There are softer toilet papers out there, but they often lack the toughness needed to stay in tact when you really need them to. The physical comfort level is more than enough to keep this toilet paper reviewer happy, not to mention the psychological comfort that comes with having a durable and efficient friend when you need it most.

A positive Cottonelle Clean Care review comes from me also because of its low price; you can often find a twelve double rolls for under $10 in your grocery store. Because of it’s efficiency and ability to last a long time,you’ll cut way down on the amount of toilet paper you will need to purchase.

There are certainly more elegant and comfortable toilet papers out there, but few that contain the benefits of being as low priced, durable and efficient as this one. Try this exciting product today, you shouldn’t be disappointed.

Rolled Up Review

Visual Appeal

4.5 Stars

Summary : A real bang for your buck. Gets the job done without much effort, and is much cheaper than some competitors that offer a lesser quality product.

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