Charmin Ultra Strong Review

Charmin Ultra Strong, Ultra Resistant is a product that stays true to it’s name. Charmin created a toilet paper that knows its strengths, sticks to them, and allows it to mask its weaknesses well enough. This one ply toilet paper is low cost and quite effective, but somehow still leaves something to be desired.

This toilet paper truly is strong and resistant. It doesn’t take a large amount of unnecessary safety wipes to ensure you’re at your cleanest after a recent movement. Charmin utilizes its signature DuraClean Texture to enhance its efficiency, which allows this one ply product to behave closer to its two ply older brother. Unfortunately, the design screams factory building rather than beautiful palace. If you’re looking to impress company with aesthetic, you’re barking up the wrong tree with Charmin Ultra Strong.

While Charmin Ultra Strong is quite durable and efficient, it does pay a cost when it comes to comfort. While it’s not exactly a painful experience, using Charmin Ultra Strong doesn’t quite make you think about a fountain of refreshing lotion either. Your clean up session will leave you feeling well equipped to take on the rest of your day, but just not quite satisfied.

The comfort draw back keeps this toilet paper in the middle of the pack of brands. Luckily, it’s low price point wont leave you with eternal regret, however it’s unlikely you’ll keep coming back for more. Charmin Ultra fills a necessary role in the world of toilet paper though. Not everyone can be a home run hitter; sometimes you just need a single to drive that winning run home.

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