Angel Soft 2-ply Review

What a pleasure it is to wipe your bottom with a handful of Angel Soft, 2-ply toilet paper.  Each package of 4 double rolls gives you enough sheets to last considerably longer than a regular roll, and because of its super absorbency, it can have other uses around the house as well. Spill a bit of orange juice during your Sunday family breakfast, but are all out of paper towels? Angel Soft 2-ply can get the job done! The same can be said for a chocolate milk mess from your little one.

While a touch on the pricey side, the cost is easily overlooked when the pure luxury of its use is taken in.  As you wipe, the plush paper slides effortlessly across your bottom while leaving no residue. And the pure softness of Angel Soft gives you the comforting sensation of a gentle hug from a teddy bear.  The rate of absorption is so great, that even the messiest wipe-job can be completed with ease. Take care when filling the toilet, however, as the puffy 2-ply sheets can quickly occupy the space needed for proper flushing. Consider a courtesy flush or two if it appears you’ll need more than the usual amount of Angel Soft 2-ply. A good plunger is nice to have on standby as a last resort.

Since this is indeed a very cushy and attractive brand, each roll will give you the ability to give your guests exactly what they would expect from a 5-star hotel.  If you are entertaining children or the elderly, simply nothing else will do. Even if the rest of your home is in disarray from a lazy streak of uncleanliness, Angel Soft 2-Ply will enhance your to the point of complete forgiveness from your entire dinner party. Give your bottom a treat and try some Angel Soft today!

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