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How Much Toilet Paper Should You Use?

One of the questions everyone is silently asking when using the toilet is, am I using too much toilet paper? There is no clear answer on this topic, which makes people all the more curious, and yearning for an answer. There have been cases of people stocking up on lots of toilet paper when a storm is on the horizon, or when the government makes everyone stay inside because of a mysterious virus. 

The toilet paper craze of 2020 begs the question of how much toilet paper should you use per wipe, per day, or per month? There are several factors on which you can base this important question on.

How Thick Is the Toilet Paper?

The toilet paper thickness will determine how many squares you will need for each wipe. If you have two-ply tissue, then you might have to fold it over a few times before using it. Research shows that most people use between 8-9 sheets per wipe. If you are using 3-ply tissue, you might use less tissue as it does not need a lot of folding.

Your Poop Can Determine How Much Toilet Paper To Use

The type of poop you have will also influence how much toilet paper you end up using. If it’s of a lighter consistency; chances are, wiping it down will cause a smear. You might have to wipe more than once and change the tissue used at least twice to get everything clean. If you have solid poop, then you might use less tissue in the long run. But that’s a gift we can’t all expect.

Other Reasons for Wiping Down

If you are using toilet paper to wipe down on your period, you might use more. Women tend to use more tissue on their period than any other day. Since they also wipe down after peeing, they will go through more toilet paper in a day. For this reason, on average, women are known to use more toilet paper than men.

How Many Times You Go To The Toilet

It is no brainer that the number of times you visit the toilet will influence how much toilet paper you end up using. If you have a running stomach, you will use up more toilet paper than on days when you have regular bowel movements. Such situations are unavoidable, so do not be hard on yourself. 

Unsupervised Children

Children tend to use more toilet paper per wipe than adults. If you have children who have started wiping themselves after using the toilet, then chances are, they will use more toilet paper. You can help prevent this by drawing a line where the toilet paper should not pass. The children will learn not to go past this line, and they will eventually learn how to self-regulate.

using too much toilet paper
Those wacky kids!

The Effects of Excessive Toilet Paper Use

While we may look at toilet paper as something that disintegrates in the sewer, there is a danger to excessive toilet paper use. Knowing about this will make you more cautious when you want to use way too much toilet paper than necessary. Here are some of the dangers of excessive toilet paper use.

Excessive Toilet Paper Clogs Up The Toilet

As much as toilet paper disintegrates in the sewer, it can still clog up your bathroom. Using too much toilet paper will make flushing difficult. Most of the time, the toilet paper will not even flush. It means that you will end up with excess toilet paper in your bowl that might require more than one flush to go. In severe cases, the toilet paper might clog up the toilet, which means you will need to get a plumber to fix it. You end up spending more all because you cut a few extra squares for your bottom.

It Can Be Harsh on Your Bum

If you have been feeling itchy after wiping down your bottom, or even start to bleed, then chances are you are wiping down too hard or too much. While many people may insist that they get really clean when they wipe more than once, it does not help. 

Over-wiping is a thing, and it can leave you with sore bottoms. All you need to do is ensure that the toilet paper you are using comes out clean, and you will be good to go. Going overboard might leave you with hemorrhoids, which are not pleasant. A little funny? Sure. But not pleasant.

Using Too Much Toilet Paper Is Wasteful

Apart from clogging up the toilet, using too much toilet paper is wasteful. A family of four uses on average 1.1 rolls of toilet paper a day and 32 rolls a month. If everyone doubles up on their toilet paper use, this will mean they are spending more toilet paper money. While it might not be an issue to many, if you are trying to save up on toilet paper, your budgeting is bad. If everyone uses only what they need, you will save on more toilet paper in a month.


How To Ensure You Use Less Toilet Paper

If you are afraid of using a lot of toilet paper, these tips will come in handy for you.

  • Invest in quality toilet paper: Using quality toilet paper means that you will not have to fold it over so many times before use. You end up using less than what you needed.
  • Do not over wipe: It might seem like common sense, but not everyone will get it. Only wipe as many times as necessary and avoid going overboard.
  • Clean up your diet: If you keep your poop firm, you’ll need to wipe less.
  • Get a Bidet: Integrate a bidet into your bathroom ritual. You’ll end up using much less toilet paper. 


Toilet paper is a necessity in every household. Having enough toilet paper to use will ensure there is peace of mind in the house. You need not worry about it running out when you least expect it to. Ultimately how much toilet paper you should use is entirely up to you.

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