how long does constipation last

How Long Does Constipation Last?

Constipation is an unfortunate situation that no man should wish on another. If you’ve become stricken with the ailment, you’re surely asking yourself the age old question;  how long does constipation last? 

The average case of constipation can last between two and three days, however constipation can last as long as the body takes to eliminate whatever is causing the blockage. Longer bouts of constipation can linger for over two weeks, and if that’s the case, god help you.

What’s the most common cause of constipation?

The most common cause of constipation is dehydration. If you’re not drinking enough water or other fluids, it can cause your stool to become hard and difficult to pass. 

Another cause of constipation is not eating enough fiber, such as whole grains, fruits and vegetables. These foods will help keep your digestive system moving smoothly by adding bulk to your stool. 

Does constipation hurt?

The short answer is no. But the long answer is… well, it depends on what kind of constipation you have, and how long you’ve been dealing with it. If you’ve never had to deal with constipation before, it may not hurt at all. If you’ve been dealing with constipation for a while, it might feel like you have knives inside of you. 

How to cure constipation the natural way

  1. Drink more water, and drink enough water throughout the day to keep yourself hydrated and increase bowel movements. You can try chugging a large cold glass as quick as you can, this has been known to spark bowel movements. 
  2. Eat more fiber. Foods high in fiber include whole grains, leafy greens, beans, nuts, and seeds. These foods will move through your digestive system more quickly than other foods do, and hopefully push out that blockage.
  3. Try some natural remedies. Some people find relief from constipation by drinking prune juice or taking magnesium supplements; others find that drinking warm water with lemon helps them pass stool more easily. Whatever works for you is great! Just remember: no matter what remedy you choose, always listen to your body

How to cure constipation the unnatural way

If water, fiber, or natural remedies don’t do the trick you still have options, which are all waiting for you at the drugstore. Over the counter laxatives are the most common route to take to get yourself moving, and the least obtrusive. Enema’s and suppositories can also spark an immediate movement, but they involve bending over and sticking stuff up your rear. The choice is yours.

Can the doctor help with constipation?

If you’re at your wits end, and your constipation has lasted for more than a few days no matter what you’ve tried, the doctor can help. You’ll often be prescribed a prescription strength laxative, perhaps the same type that is used to clear out the system before a colonoscope. In almost all cases, this will work.

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