The Worst Toilet Paper

Black Renova Toilet Paper Review

renova toilet paper review, black toilet paper review

Black toilet paper. On the surface, has there ever truly been a worse idea in the realm of home goods? The reason people enjoy black cars, black shoes, and black underwear is that it hides dirt and grime better than any other color. Why in the world would you want …

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Envision Toilet Paper Review

envision toilet paper

Do you ever dream of skipping into a bathroom stall to enjoy a minute or two of relieving yourself after a hearty, protein filled breakfast, and then following that relief with a bathroom tissue that is uniquely designed in such a way that it will cause imminent bleeding from the …

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Scott Rapid Dissolving Two-Ply Bath Tissue Review

I was highly disappointed with my recent experience involving Scott Rapid Dissolving Two-Ply Bath Tissue (Amazon, $4.95/4). While the roll appeared to have a pleasing eggshell color and a bountifully springy texture from within the safety of its plastic packaging, upon tearing off the first square, I found the consistency …

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Georgia Pacific Jumbo Office Bath Tissue Review

Let’s face it, calling industrial grade office bath tissue toilet paper is like calling sandpaper a cotton ball. Regular, cushiony home toilet paper has a completely different texture than the rough, grainy brand that your cheap office manager tries to pass off as acceptable. Its main function is to provide …

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Ology Toilet Paper Review

ology toilet paper review

Ology toilet paper is a new breed of bath tissue that is fresh on the market available at, and manufactured by, Walgreens. It’s an interesting purchase as it is marketed to those that like to make smart environmental choices, because you know, when you’re cleaning your backside the day after …

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White Cloud Ultra 3-ply Review

Beware the 3-ply sheet! White Cloud Ultra is a 3-ply mess.  While you do have the ability to properly wipe with this toilet paper, there is no excuse for having to flush a toilet five, even six, times for one sitting, and that is just what happens when using White …

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