How to Poop Better

How to Make Poop Come Out When Stuck

how to make poop come out when stuck

Some of us have had this happen. You are on the toilet, trying to go number two, but you can’t seem to produce anything and you ask your self; how to make poop come out when stuck? Maybe it’s because you ate too much cheddar cheese for lunch? Whatever the …

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How Long Does Constipation Last?

how long does constipation last

Constipation is an unfortunate situation that no man should wish on another. If you’ve become stricken with the ailment, you’re surely asking yourself the age old question;  how long does constipation last?  The average case of constipation can last between two and three days, however constipation can last as long …

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27 Foods That Make You Poop Immediately

foods that make you poop immediately

You know that feeling you get after eating a meal where everything you ate wants to come out the other end? It turns out there are some foods that make you poop immediately. If you’re looking for ways to avoid an inconvenient trip to the bathroom, keep reading for a …

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How Much Toilet Paper Should You Use?

how to use less toilet paper

One of the questions everyone is silently asking when using the toilet is, am I using too much toilet paper? There is no clear answer on this topic, which makes people all the more curious, and yearning for an answer. There have been cases of people stocking up on lots …

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How to Firm Up Stool With 7 Compliant Foods

How To Firm Up Stool

Going to the bathroom is usually an ordinary and private event. However, if you eat the wrong things or recently happened to eat the wrong particular thing, this otherwise ordinary event can seem unpleasantly extraordinary. Depending on the layout of your home or office and the proximity of the bathroom …

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