Alternative Toilet Paper

All About Reusable Toilet Paper

reusable toilet paper

Have you ever gone to the bathroom, wiped yourself, then wondered if there was a way to reuse toilet paper? Baby’s have reusable diapers, so why can’t big people have reusable toilet paper? Well guess what, they can! And you can! It’s time to learn all about reusable toilet paper. …

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Why is Bamboo Toilet Paper So Expensive?

why is bamboo toilet paper so expensive

Everyone wants to save the environment, and choosing bamboo toilet paper to wipe your bottom with can play a small role in that.  Often times people are ready to make the switch but are stunned by the price tag and ask the question; why is bamboo toilet paper so expensive? …

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Black Renova Toilet Paper Review

renova toilet paper review, black toilet paper review

Black toilet paper. On the surface, has there ever truly been a worse idea in the realm of home goods? The reason people enjoy black cars, black shoes, and black underwear is that it hides dirt and grime better than any other color. Why in the world would you want …

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Bounty Paper Towel Toilet Paper Review

There comes a time in the life of every man when conventional toilet paper is simply not available in the house, and an alternative method of cleansing must be utilized. Whether its a case of impending doom, an empty wallet or just plain laziness, using something other than toilet paper …

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