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Black Renova Toilet Paper Review

Black toilet paper. On the surface, has there ever truly been a worse idea in the realm of home goods? The reason people enjoy black cars, black shoes, and black underwear is that it hides dirt and grime better than any other color. Why in the world would you want the same attributes on tissue paper, where the entire goal is to rid yourself of as much grime as possible? Never the less, as an impartial reviewer and connoisseur of toilet paper, we must look at it with an objective approach with this black renova toilet paper review.

Black toilet paper can be a great addition to a contemporary bathroom, and has even been described as “the tuxedo for your anus” in other reviews. Other benefits is how stealthy it can be when you’ve decided it’s time to layer your enemies house in the middle of the night with some black toilet paper, giving you a better ability to remain incognito while you’re doing the deed, and providing them with a nice unexpected surprise in the morning.

Black toilet paper can even be a wonderful conversation starter for your dinner party. “Oh Sally, I’ve never seen black toilet paper before! You’re so wonderfully stylish and modern!”, is something your guest might say when he or she returns to the dinner table, ready to give their own Renova toilet paper review.

If you wipe and gauge your cleanliness by feel rather than taking a peak, black toilet paper could be right for you. Lets face it, taking a gander at what you’re cleaning up is never the high-point of your day. Renova, a leading brand of black toilet paper, even uses this idea in their marketing.

Call me old fashioned, but I need to look to gain that piece of mind knowing that I’m ready to go back into society a clean lad. Now, coupling black toilet paper with a bidet or a one wipe charlie could create the ultimate contemporary bathroom experience leaving you stylish and refreshed.

At the end of the day, most of us don’t have a modern or contemporary bathroom, and a standard white roll of Cottenelle Clean Care will do just fine. However, if you are going for a modern motif, and a white roll will kill the cold sterile vibe that you’re going for, Black Toilet Paper may just be for you.

Overall Score

Overall Score - 65%


Flashy and cool, but you shall not see what remains of your poo

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