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Nautical Toilet Paper Holders You Can Buy on Amazon

nautical toilet paper holder

Something about being near the sea always seems to give my digestive system a slight boost. Could it be the fresh salty air? Whales leaping above giant rocks to free themselves? Or is it the calming sounds that seagulls make when they’ve found some rotting beached creatures to eat? They …

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Black Renova Toilet Paper Review

renova toilet paper review, black toilet paper review

Black toilet paper. On the surface, has there ever truly been a worse idea in the realm of home goods? The reason people enjoy black cars, black shoes, and black underwear is that it hides dirt and grime better than any other color. Why in the world would you want …

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Kirkland Toilet Paper Review

kirland bath tissue review, kirkland toilet paper review

The Kirkland brand has been providing the public with reliable consumer products for over twenty years, allowing us to purchase everything from cookies, t-shirts, jeans and soda pop under the same familiar brand name. Few other brands can bestow upon the public a $2 white t-shirt option that is fashionable, …

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Quilted Northern Toilet Paper Review

quilted northern toilet paper review

It was a crime of passion before I met Quilted Northern Toilet Paper, and it happens to the best of us. A few cocktails were enjoyed, a hunger strikes, and a beacon of joy emerges from the horizon on the ride home. You know what you’re getting yourself into, the …

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Charmin Ultra Soft Toilet Paper Review

charmin ultra soft review

Whoops. It happened again. Thinking I was going for the splendidly mild cilantro salsa, I absent-mindedly found myself with a solid cup of habanero sauce drenched all over my slow roasted chicken. But of course, my atrociously little impulse control took the driver seat and I tore through that plate …

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One Wipe Charlies Review

one wipe charlies review

What is it about wet wipes that keep people from making them their preferred choice of personal rear end hygiene?  In this One Wipe Charlies review you’ll learn that it feels better, cleans smoother, and makes you feel much fresher. What makes more sense; crumpling up a ball of paper …

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New! Bathroom Tissue Toilet Paper Review

gas station toilet paper

New! Bathroom Tissue toilet paper was purchased during a moment of necessity and haste at the closest provider of goods to my humble apartment. This closest provider of goods also gives you the option to put fuel in your car to make it go vroom vroom, so you can imagine …

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Members Mark Toilet Paper Review

sams club toilet paper review, members mark toilet paper review

When planning a trip across the country to stay with a relative, you’re often faced with a handful of reservations. How much will it cost me? What’s the weather going to be like? Will they have a superior toilet paper that is going to satisfy my needs? While the answers …

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Cottonelle Ultra Soft Review

cottonelle ultra soft review

When your rump is as sensitive as a dandelion, you need something as soft and cushiony as a cloud. Cottonelle Ultra Soft bath tissue represents just what is on the front- a soft, snuggly puppy ready to nuzzle your behind into cleanliness. Holding a roll of this heavenly toilet paper …

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Scott Extra Soft Review

scott extra soft review

Every once in a while, you come across something that just fits, and you know that it will be a part of your existence forever. Perhaps it’s a new Italian dish that you taste for the first time, offering a tantalizing sensation that you’ve never experienced before. Maybe it’s your …

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