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Industrial Toilet Paper

industrial toilet paper holder

Public restrooms in commercial and industrial settings see a lot of use, which is why using the right kind of toilet paper is essential. While regular household toilet paper may suffice for home use, it is not designed for high-traffic areas such as office buildings, schools, and hospitals. This is …

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All About Reusable Toilet Paper

reusable toilet paper

Have you ever gone to the bathroom, wiped yourself, then wondered if there was a way to reuse toilet paper? Baby’s have reusable diapers, so why can’t big people have reusable toilet paper? Well guess what, they can! And you can! It’s time to learn all about reusable toilet paper. …

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How to Make Poop Come Out When Stuck

how to make poop come out when stuck

Some of us have had this happen. You are on the toilet, trying to go number two, but you can’t seem to produce anything and you ask your self; how to make poop come out when stuck? Maybe it’s because you ate too much cheddar cheese for lunch? Whatever the …

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How Long Does Constipation Last?

how long does constipation last

Constipation is an unfortunate situation that no man should wish on another. If you’ve become stricken with the ailment, you’re surely asking yourself the age old question;  how long does constipation last?  The average case of constipation can last between two and three days, however constipation can last as long …

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27 Foods That Make You Poop Immediately

foods that make you poop immediately

You know that feeling you get after eating a meal where everything you ate wants to come out the other end? It turns out there are some foods that make you poop immediately. If you’re looking for ways to avoid an inconvenient trip to the bathroom, keep reading for a …

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How Much Toilet Paper Should You Use?

how to use less toilet paper

One of the questions everyone is silently asking when using the toilet is, am I using too much toilet paper? There is no clear answer on this topic, which makes people all the more curious, and yearning for an answer. There have been cases of people stocking up on lots …

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How to Firm Up Stool With 7 Compliant Foods

How To Firm Up Stool

Going to the bathroom is usually an ordinary and private event. However, if you eat the wrong things or recently happened to eat the wrong particular thing, this otherwise ordinary event can seem unpleasantly extraordinary. Depending on the layout of your home or office and the proximity of the bathroom …

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Kirkland Toilet Paper Review

kirland bath tissue review, kirkland toilet paper review

The Kirkland brand has been providing the public with reliable consumer products for over twenty years, allowing us to purchase everything from cookies, t-shirts, jeans and soda pop under the same familiar brand name. Few other brands can bestow upon the public a $2 white t-shirt option that is fashionable, …

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Charmin Ultra Soft Toilet Paper Review

charmin ultra soft review

Whoops. It happened again. Thinking I was going for the splendidly mild cilantro salsa, I absent-mindedly found myself with a solid cup of habanero sauce drenched all over my slow roasted chicken. But of course, my atrociously little impulse control took the driver seat and I tore through that plate …

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Members Mark Toilet Paper Review

sams club toilet paper review, members mark toilet paper review

When planning a trip across the country to stay with a relative, you’re often faced with a handful of reservations. How much will it cost me? What’s the weather going to be like? Will they have a superior toilet paper that is going to satisfy my needs? While the answers …

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Cottonelle Ultra Soft Review

cottonelle ultra soft review

When your rump is as sensitive as a dandelion, you need something as soft and cushiony as a cloud. Cottonelle Ultra Soft bath tissue represents just what is on the front- a soft, snuggly puppy ready to nuzzle your behind into cleanliness. Holding a roll of this heavenly toilet paper …

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Scott Extra Soft Review

scott extra soft review

Every once in a while, you come across something that just fits, and you know that it will be a part of your existence forever. Perhaps it’s a new Italian dish that you taste for the first time, offering a tantalizing sensation that you’ve never experienced before. Maybe it’s your …

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Cottonelle Ultra Comfort Care Review

cottonelle ultra comfort care review

The eternal debate among toilet paper aficionados is the give and take between thickness and softness. So, with some trepidation, I opened the self-touted “Thickest Toilet Paper”, Cottonelle Ultra Comfort Care. While many toilet papers try to play both sides in an attempt to please everyone, this selection has a …

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Angel Soft 2-ply Review

What a pleasure it is to wipe your bottom with a handful of Angel Soft, 2-ply toilet paper.  Each package of 4 double rolls gives you enough sheets to last considerably longer than a regular roll, and because of its super absorbency, it can have other uses around the house …

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Envision Toilet Paper Review

envision toilet paper

Do you ever dream of skipping into a bathroom stall to enjoy a minute or two of relieving yourself after a hearty, protein filled breakfast, and then following that relief with a bathroom tissue that is uniquely designed in such a way that it will cause imminent bleeding from the …

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Scott Rapid Dissolving Two-Ply Bath Tissue Review

I was highly disappointed with my recent experience involving Scott Rapid Dissolving Two-Ply Bath Tissue (Amazon, $4.95/4). While the roll appeared to have a pleasing eggshell color and a bountifully springy texture from within the safety of its plastic packaging, upon tearing off the first square, I found the consistency …

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Bounty Paper Towel Toilet Paper Review

There comes a time in the life of every man when conventional toilet paper is simply not available in the house, and an alternative method of cleansing must be utilized. Whether its a case of impending doom, an empty wallet or just plain laziness, using something other than toilet paper …

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Georgia Pacific Jumbo Office Bath Tissue Review

Let’s face it, calling industrial grade office bath tissue toilet paper is like calling sandpaper a cotton ball. Regular, cushiony home toilet paper has a completely different texture than the rough, grainy brand that your cheap office manager tries to pass off as acceptable. Its main function is to provide …

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Ology Toilet Paper Review

ology toilet paper review

Ology toilet paper is a new breed of bath tissue that is fresh on the market available at, and manufactured by, Walgreens. It’s an interesting purchase as it is marketed to those that like to make smart environmental choices, because you know, when you’re cleaning your backside the day after …

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Charmin Ultra Strong Review

Charmin Ultra Strong, Ultra Resistant is a product that stays true to it’s name. Charmin created a toilet paper that knows its strengths, sticks to them, and allows it to mask its weaknesses well enough. This one ply toilet paper is low cost and quite effective, but somehow still leaves …

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White Cloud Ultra 3-ply Review

Beware the 3-ply sheet! White Cloud Ultra is a 3-ply mess.  While you do have the ability to properly wipe with this toilet paper, there is no excuse for having to flush a toilet five, even six, times for one sitting, and that is just what happens when using White …

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