The Best Toilet Paper

the best toilet paper

We’ve reviewed toilet paper brands far and wide, but to help ease your buying decision on this most important product, the list has been narrowed down to our three favorite brands. To find a toilet paper that you’d gladly wrap your first born child in, go with one of our top three, each of which we consider to one of the best toilet paper options. To see all of our recommended brands, start below.

Recommended Brands

The Best Toilet Paper

The globe has been trotted many times over in search of the best toilet paper, and while countless brands have been tried by our review team, Cottonelle Clean Care with Soft Ripples continues to take the cake.

best toilet paperWhile tissue paper typically goes with a floral print, Cottonelle Clean Care chooses a ripple texture that does a wonderful job in cleaning up your rear. It may not be the softest toilet paper, but it is mighty durable and doesn’t take a lot to get the job done.

If you’re looking to find an affordable brand that will go a long way, Cottonelle has some of the most competitive prices out there. You can purchase an 18 pack for just $37 from Amazon with a clickable coupon, which should go a long way whether you’re part of a family of four, or maybe single who simply has IBS. On the surface that might not seem like a great deal, but when you factor in each roll is three times as large as a normal one, you’re looking at a steal. If you’d rather not buy online, you can usually gather a 6 pack from the store for less than $10. Need more convincing? Read our full review here.

Nearly the Best Toilet Paper

Sam’s club toilet paper comes in a close second when looking for the best toilet paper. They make their own brand, called Member’s Mark, and our favorite is Member’s Mark Ultra Premium. The greatest attribute of Sam’s club toilet paper is how soft it is on your tush. Our review  that you can read here aptly describes it as a strict but nurturing grandmother, as it is tough and toilet paper

As Member’s Mark is a made by Sam’s Club and sold in their stores, the price is typically very low. You can even purchase a large package of 36 large rolls, equal to 72 regular rolls, for under $50 from Amazon. That is less than a buck a roll for an experience that will leave you feeling loved and nurtured.

Looking for soft? Go with Sam’s Club Toilet Paper.

Almost the Best Toilet Paper

Charmin Ultra Soft rounds out our top three, as another premium brand that gets the job done. Another soft toilet paper, Charmin Ultra Soft is typically a little more expensive than Sam’s Club or Cottonelle. However, what it lacks in savings, it makes up in effectiveness.

This is a great brand to have in your arsenal during the midst of a stomach bug, or after a night of over indulgence. It’s a thicker brand of toilet paper that you don’t need to use too much of, due to its multiple ply’s and quilted pattern. best toilet paperEven though it’s more expensive than our other favorite brands, you can still nab a pack of 18 from Amazon for under $25.

Check out our full review on Charmin Ultra Soft right here.

Additional Recommendations

If none of these brands tickle your fancy, we have many more recommendations that you may like. Check out the rest of our favorite brands here!